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Training Services

You & Your Trainer

You'll get to know our trainers, and they'll get to know you. Based on your goals and preferences, you will be assigned to a trainer with experience and expertise to fit your needs.

Collaborative Training

VFT trainers work as a team, so you'll still be getting the best of both worlds!

Personalized Exercise Program

We'll start with an initial consultation and some easy forms and surveys to help us get to know you better. Then, your trainer will develop an adaptive program specifically tailored to you! There isn't a "one-size-fits-all" approach to health and fitness - at least not one that works!

VFT Custom Training Software & Mobile App

One platform. One app. Your access to everything VFT has to offer - all in one convenient place.

Exercise Video Library

Exercise instructional videos linked directly to your workouts to demonstrate unfamiliar exercises.

Video/Phone Consultations

Each package comes with four (4) thirty-minute video/phone consultations per month. These can be used to cover anything - progression, exercise troubleshooting, nutrition coaching, adherence discussion, and so much more - we're here for YOU! Local members (near Canton, IL) have the option to swap out monthly video consultations for 2 one (1) hour in-person training session.*

*Subject to availability. Any incurred travel expenses and gym fees must be covered.

Trainer Chat

Access your trainer 24/7 via chat for questions, concerns, or feedback and we'll respond.

Trainer Support & Accountability

Change is hard! We will prepare you for all of the obstacles that we can, and help guide you through those that we cannot.

Habit Tracking & Behavior Change

You can't stop a habit without knowing you have one, and you can't change unless you want to. Track your habits in the VFT training app and we'll help you break free of whatever is holding you back. It's easier to move forward when we step out of our own way!

Progress Tracking

Easily track your biometric data and exercise progress, post photos, and more - all in the VFT training app. Your trainer will use this information, along with objective feedback from you, to adjust your program and get you the fastest, longest lasting results.

Goal Setting & Motivation

Goals tell us where we want to go. Trainers provide the path to get there. Your trainer will help you develop SMART goals based on your current interests, activity level, exercise experience, health status, etc.

The VFT EDU Library

In order to fight the spread of misinformation, VFT is introducing The VFT EDU Library - an online database of educational resources regarding all things health and fitness. (Coming Soon!)

Biometrics & Risk Factor Assessment

A simple biometrics and risk factor assessment (BMI, weight, HR, BP) is available for any member upon request.

Nutrition Coaching

VFT trainers are certified nutrition coaches but they are not Registered Dieticians, therefore, they can't provide members with specific nutrition programs. Instead, we will provide you with the coaching & guidance necessary to optimize your nutrition to meet your goals.

Nutrition Tracking

Track your nutrition using our VFT training app, where your trainer will review your inputs and offer real-time suggestions and feedback as you go.*

*Can integrate with MyFitnessPal if preferred

Nutrition Habit Tracking & Behavior Change

For most of us, poor nutrition habits have some form of psychological tie - meaning they are among the hardest habits to break. Use our VFT training app to track your nutrition habits - including meal timing, snack frequency, emotional eating, missed meals, etc. - to gain a better understanding of yourself, and give your trainer the necessary information to best assist you.

Trainer Chat

Access your trainer 24/7 via chat for nutrition questions, concerns, or feedback.

Nutrition Services Anchor

Areas of Expertise

Weight Loss/Weight Management

Strength & Endurance Training

Speed & Agility Training

Toning & Fat Loss

Nutrition Guidance

Cardiovascular Training

Sport-Specific Training

Flexibility & Balance Training

Functional Fitness

Overall Health Improvement

Goal Setting & Motivation

Progress Tracking

Biometrics/Vitals Assessment & Analysis

Gym Equipments

Let us show you what you're made of! If you're committed to this journey, then we're committed to helping guide you along the way.


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